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Samstag, 1. Januar 2000

Interessante Artikel zu diversen Themen

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Asylanten / Fremdlinge - Open Doors Stellungnahme zur aktuellen Flüchtlingskriese

Sex&Porno - Zeugnis über Befreiung aus der Falle (Charles)
Sex&Porno - Zeugnis über Befreiung aus der Falle (Shelley)

Megachurches - Is There Really a Perfect Size for a Church?

Christian Life  - Christianity Without Repentance Isn't Christianity
Christian Life  - 12 Keys To Recover From Burnout
Christian LifeHow can you forgive difficult people?
Christian Life - He’s My #@*!-ing Pastor!

Church - Greg Laurie: 4 Dangerous Church Growth Myths
Church - H.B. Charles, Jr: "When it's time to leave a church" (valid and invalid reasons)
Church - Carey Nieuwhof: 5 ways judgemental Christians are killing your church

Prayer - How I learned I was praying wrong

Sex&Porn: "Why I am not reading Fifty Shades of Grey" (nor watching) 

Worship - The secret that keeps men from singing in worship
Worship - Have Christians stopped singing?
Worship - Worship is about Christ, not impressing crowds
Worship - Why they stopped singing on sunday
Worship - Worseship - Erbarmen mit der Gemeinde!
Worship - 13-things-pastors-wish-their-worship-leaders-knew
Worship - Conditional Worship
Worship - Do you love God more than Worship?
Worship - Singing Songs From Questionable Sources

Teens - 10 Conversations I Wish Someone Had With Me as a Teenager

Theology - Greg Laurie: Hell is not a joke
Theologie - Tommy Clayton: The Truth About Hell

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